When You Reach the End of Your Rope, Let Go!


when you reach the end of your rope let go, a guide to healing by author geoffrey rose Excerpts...

"We were, I contend, not born skeptical. Rather, most of us were convinced or coerced early on to trade-in our inherent playfulness, along with a healthy portion of our individuality, for the 'privilege' of not being left to the wolves. We did not wittingly do this. We did not realize at the time that we were trading Manhattan Island for a handful of worthless trinkets. So it was that we became skeptics.

"And soon our enthusiasm, joy, spontaneity, and unconditional love - the natural attributes of a healthy human being - were ravaged by this skepticism. Most of us will have only a vague recollection of these life-affirming feelings; some will have none at all. But whether we consciously remember them or not, we are homesick for them. These are the emotional equivalents of the smell of cinnamon rolls and coffee, or of bacon and eggs that no longer waft into our sleepy bedrooms through the early morning air, and we miss them terribly.

"We feel lost. We are lost. We have made a wrong turn somewhere, somewhere very early on, back before the age of maps and reason, back in the shadowy beginnings of our distant pasts, and we are scared. And so we search. But a search that saddles itself with an outside standard must finally fail. Any guru worth his loincloth will tell you that you must ultimately leave him or her by the side of your evolutionary road.

"Building a better life requires you (and you alone) to let go into an experiential, moment-to-moment, Here/Now way of living. This 'letting go' requires courage and wisdom - courage to transcend your fears, wisdom to transcend your beliefs. Otherwise, you are as a blind man before a sunset. You know that something remarkable is happening out there, but you cannot be sure exactly what it is, nor can you share in it.

"How does one discover and stay in 'flow' - that place that is home to the writer's muse, the lover's gaze, and the athlete's 'zone?' How do we mine these moments of Oneness, string them together side-by-side into a necklace of perpetual Now, where we routinely trust in life and our ability to successfully meet whatever challenges it offers us next?"

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