When You Reach the End of Your Rope, Let Go!


geoffrey rose, author of when you reach the end of your rope, let go!, writer, teacher, metaphysician, and founder of the "emotional detoxx" technique

Emotional Detoxx ™: Deep down, there is much pain, anger, resentment, and fear within many of us. This keeps our focus outward, as we are understandably reluctant to turn our gaze or experience within - toward the discomfort - where our truth must be sought if it is to be found. To move to a higher ground, we must first understand that our emotional feelings of a negative, limiting, or painful nature are almost always the result of misguided thought, and that this thought must be discovered, expressed, and released before any lasting spiritual/personal growth may be had. Simply put: changing the course of our lives requires us to change the course of our thinking.

How It Works: Through an ability or inability to retain our muscles' strength, we may gather a vast array of information about ourselves. By using the Emotional Detoxx™, an anagram for Disowning Every Thought Out to double-cross [XX] you, we can discover hidden emotional resistance and determine which resisted emotions, when expressed, will return integrity, authenticity and flow back into our lives. Here is where the Emotional Detoxx™ proves indispensable as an evolutionary tool.

Couple the "lift" we experience from releasing resisted emotion and the freedom we gain from consciously neutralizing that emotion's attendant belief system, and we have some powerful reasons for using The Emotional Detoxx™ in our ongoing efforts to evolve and enjoy our lives.

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